Online IOSH Courses

Online IOSH course and training products are suitable for everyone in your organization, helping promote a safety-conscious culture throughout your workforce. We’ll help you solve real problems using practical and effective tools, processes and knowledge.


IOSH Courses for?

This qualification full-time health and safety Officer, Supervisors, Managers, and Directors


What is this qualification important?

Employers have a moral and legal obligation to keep their people healthy and safe. Good health and safety are good for business.


IOSH Courses?
At a Glance?
  • 3-30 Days Based Programme
  • Written examinations and assignments
  • Accredited by IOSH
  • Accredited by IOSH (Grad IOSH)   Membership


How does it work?
  • Centers deliver the learning (recommended 30-150 hours)
  • Centers order the examination anytime
  • Scripts marked by external examiners
  • Results and certificates issued within 06 weeks


Online IOSH Courses Assessment?
  • written examinations
  • Two assignments


Why choose the College of Occupational Safety Health?
  • Dynamic and visionary leadership by Mr.Waqas Akram Muhammad
  • Pakistan’s first IOSH approved center.
  • Highest quality standards maintained
  • Personality development & career guidance.
  • Trained 4000+professionals over a period of 3 years.
  • Vast experience of providing HSE training to corporate clients
  • Well established placement network with corporate clients.
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